fund startups

Explore and invest in Saudi’s most promising Esports startups with Kafu Games. We’re the leading and largest gaming tournament community in MENA and official partners with Saudi Esports Federation who only assure the best in Esports. We’re also the platform behind Gamers Without Borders, the global Esports competition that raised $10million for charity. We’re here to help you become the next big name in esports. Some of Saudi’s largest gaming brands partner with us to monetize their communities, you can be next.

Create Games

We’re part of the lucrative game development market, and among the fastest-growing industries in the world. Invest in video game development with the most talented developers using cutting-edge tools at Kafu Games. You can develop your own game and localize it for the Saudi market, or invest in existing teams developing popular games

Find Platforms

Kafu Games hosts the biggest esports tournaments with a fully automated system of efficient tools that manage players and organize any game smoothly. Build a network of esports fans all over the region, tap the community’s pulse with customized tournaments, leaderboards, prizes, comprehensive brackets and nonstop Play-As-You-Go matches for their favorite games, all from one single platform.

Build Venues

Build the best esports arenas with Kafu Games. Stadiums, gaming centers, complexes and cafes equipped with high-end gaming hardware and accessories to level up the esports experience. Build professional setups for gamers to physically gather on a grand scale and help the community grow.

ROI Reports

Increase revenues with detailed ROI analysis on Kafu Games. With our local esports market insights, tournament engines and a gaming community platform, weigh the risks against potential returns of investing in the esports industry with Kafu Games. You can explore our sponsorship programs and other revenue-generating aspects to know exactly when to take the huge leap.